Words from the Doctor
"Healthy minds are brought up in healthy society and environment. Thinking of a person is not in-built , it takes time to develop a person's thinking and notion.The 'Emerging Adulthood' is a very potent stage of life, at which the personality development takes place.
But, in my experience, I have seen thousands of young adults prevailing down the path of darkness and misery. In our society, nobody is ready to talk about sexual health and there is no infrastructure and facility to support sex education. Due to all of this and lack of awareness, today's generation suffers from sexual problems, alcoholism, drug dependency and narcotics abuse. 
These people should not feel afraid and insecure. Just as fever, cough and cold have a cure, similarly, all of the sexual problems can be diminished and out-thrown from our body, if conventional treatment is undertaken.
To cure such deviated young adults and to help them regain their health and self confidence is my mission as a responsible citizen of our country and a professional doctor."
About Dr. Karwal
After attaining a world class education in Ayurveda in 1985, Dr V.P. Karwal started practicing Ayurvedic medicine to help the people suffering from sexual problems occurred due to the troubles caused by urinogenital system of the human body. He is a renowned sexologist and a successful ayurvedic physician. He is a prime sex educator and an acclaimed counsellor. 
He has successfully treated over 1.5 lakh patients till date and all of them have come out from their troubles and leading a successful marital and sexual life. Dr. V.P. Karwal has chosen ayurvedic and herbal measures for the treatment because they don't cause any after effect over the human body.